Aras Kavan company is leading in the production of medical equipment in iran. This company works with production (Pneumatic tools and compressors) began in 1988 and has been successful in producing a wide range of medical equipment.

Our factory with the use of CNC advanced computer systems are able to design and produce Medical Equipment with titanium alloy and stainless steel under according to Europe standard.

Utilization of Modern equipment with experienced engineer lead to produce a variety of high-quality medical equipment.

Our goal is is the production of a variety of high quality medical equipment and surgical instruments To meet the needs of the medical community.

The company has established its first center for repair surgical instruments with “Amin medical devices” in 1982 in Iran. In 1988 the company was renamed Aras Kavan. And honored to be providing services for over 30 years in all health centers and hospitals.

Mr. H. Aghazadeh – CEO